Sustainability is a natural component of the culture of the company and of our daily activity. From our point of view, sustainability consists of three central elements that are related to each other and depend on each other:
– Society
– Environment
– Economy

Only if we assume social and ecological responsibility can we achieve economical success in time. And the reverse: only if economic prosperity grows can we support society and the environment. This is why we strive to harmonize these three elements in all areas of our business.

  • responsible leadership with a good Corporate Governance
  • perpetual and durable development of our business and the creation of attractive and high quality jobs.
  • providing access to our products to all who are in need of them
  • collaborators’ appreciation and guaranteeing their safety
  • reducing the environmental effects caused by our activity
  • supporting the community through local initiatives and promoting artistic and scientific innovations

REL expects all employees she did Sustainability active living in their daily work and their performance measured at the highest industry standards. Within our company the Code of Conduct of the REL International define the principles for sustainable developement. The management ensures that our commitment to sustainability and you will integrate into our daily business.