REL International provides for its customer services on the basis of a variety of legal bases and regulations. In addition to the optimization of the physical transport performance is also to provide information relevant part of our service concept.Important transport legal regulations and insurance related framework conditions, we therefore offer you want to download.


The following applies to Germany:

REL International works exclusively on the basis of the General German Carrier Conditions, the latest version. This limit in paragraph 23 ADSp the Legal Liability for damage to goods in accordance with § 431 HGB for damage in the forwarding Ellen detention on 5,- Euro/kg, in the case of multimodal transports including sea promotion on 2 SDR per kg as well as per case of damage or event on 1 million and 2 million or 2 SDR per kg, whichever is the greater. In addition, it is agreed that (1) Paragraph 27 ADSp neither the liability of the freight forwarder or the allocation of the misconduct of people and other third parties by way of derogation from statutory provisions such as section 507 HGB, kind. 25 MU,  kind. 36 of CIM,  kind. 20, 21 CMNI in favor of the contracting entity is extended, (2) The forwarder as a consolidator in § 512 para. 2 No. 1 of the GERMAN COMMERCIAL CODE listed cases of nautical fault or fire on board Is liable only for its own fault and (3) of the carrier as a carrier in the sense of the CMNI in nature. 25 para. 2 CMNI conditions mentioned are not for nautical fault, fire on board or defects of the ship are liable.

Other Business Basics: