REL International is a modern logistics provider with clear principles, committed staff and innovative thinking, keeping things on the move.

In close consultation with our customers, every month we move over 300 trucks of various types: express transport, complete loads, consolidated cargo, dangerous goods, and special trips.

Tailor-made and cost effective, we offer customised project management and logistics solutions.

We offer exactly the type of flexible, customer-oriented and short-term decision-making procedures that you need to optimise your transport processes.

A steadily increasing volume of transport requires innovative transport solutions that meet climate change requirements and fluctuating fuel prices. 

Our culture and our mission are characterised by clearly defined values, humanity, tolerance, and sustainable corporate management. Only those who show respect and diligence towards their fellow human beings, customers and the environment can perform with credibility and in the long term, successfully, on international markets.

The REL Spirit is implemented with passion and conviction by our employees, who subsequently pass it on further.

These attributes qualify us as a reliable partner towards our logistics customers from the industry and trade.

Key Performance Metrics


Customer Satisfaction


Ontime Delivery


Order Fulfillment


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We deliver Intelligent Supply Chain Solutions

You minimize your transport costs: The performance from A to Z of the shipment is more beneficial than reducing the transports costs.

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Why Choose REL International?

At REL, we have almost 25 years’ experience in every aspect of our business. This is something we are proud of. We provide customised transportation solutions with quality as a key factor. It’s what our employees adhere to, and what our processes are designed around.
We carry out daily assessments to ensure we meet customer requirements of quality and customer service, in order to provide long-term satisfaction to our customers.
National and international logistics

Nowadays, it is simply not enough to just know the route. The customer expects more, and rightly so: a comprehensive service and a range of additional services, flexible to accommodate customer requirements.

With us, SERVICE is … emphasised…  and promised… …… shake on it!

Efficiency is our mission, and customer satisfaction our motivation
Sit back and RELax, we’ll do everything for you! You can RELy on us

Our strengths

Just-in-time express deliveries

Trusted to deliver 100%

24/7 Service and Availability

Always available for YOU 100%

National and international logistics

We have the necessary infrastructure 100%

Competitive prices

Directly is more direct, is cheaper 100%