Processing orders

We turn you requests into facts and we optimally integrate them into the order processing.

Only this way we can enhance communication, efficiency and acceptance, thus customer satisfaction. Efficiency is a matter of infrastructure. Nowadays it’s not enough to know the roads. You are entitled to expect more: an extensive service and additional services, as ample as possible, regarding your requests.

REL International fulfills these requests. Experience along with passion form the ideal foundation for carrying-out complex and transparent services for our customers.

Goals within the processing of orders

  • Abidance of deadlines
  • Flexibility on the market
  • Transparency

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Dynamic route planning

The route planning must be often done in dynamic surroundings.

We usually receive new information while we’re in the course of carrying out the transport and the information has to be processed immediately.

Examples for these kinds of situations:

  • receiving new tasks
  • cancelling or changing tasks
  • the impossibility of delivery caused by the absence of the client
  • unplanned delays caused by extended driving and rest periods
  • deficiency of vehicles

Through the implementation of an innovative transport management system (TMS) for planning truck routes you can generate considerable economical and ecological advantages.

Project management and supply chain management

Together we increase logistics performance..we understand your job.

  • advantageous costs through the complete optimization of the multiple steps delivery process
  • swift adaptation to market changes
  • simplifying merchandise flow

We form a great team … you, your customers and us.

Customer services

Our first priority is client satisfaction!

You describe us your request and we will bring the job quickly and safely to your destination. Tailor-made and economic.

Our services and our service be customized to your needs and designed together with you. These principles have highest priority for us:

Quality / Reliability / Flexibility