REL International takes over in a very great measure the responsibility over the safety of our collaborators and clients. As a result, all work and business processes are subject to the safety policy.

REL International’s safety policy

  • Our firm’s carriers are trained according to the BBS (Behavior Based Safety), so that they are required to follow the directives of the leadership as well as the ones regarding the loading or unloading of trucks.
  • We react urgently, effectively and with the utmost attention to cases of emergency or accident.
  • Each shipment is carried out by our collaborators with the utmost care and responsibility.
  • We respect any clause relating to the law and we develop our own additional standards.

All of our carriers are selected through a method based on a strict QM (Quality management) system. The success of these measures is reflected by the many years with a low rate of damage.

Still, safe is safe! Quality and safety go hand in hand.

With the help of the electronic data processing we can find the lack of approval, the suspension of an unqualified carrier or one with a negative evaluation, which entails its non hiring.